Intel Rumored to Delay Broadwell Until Q4 2014

Paul Lilly

A Broadwell delay isn't what the PC industry needs

It was last October when Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said a "defect density issue" was negatively affecting yields, prompting the Santa Clara chip maker to delay its 14nm Broadwell launch by a quarter. Production was to begin in the first quarter of 2014, though there's a rumor going around that Intel might postpone Broadwell's big debut to the fourth quarter of this year. Is that really the case?

The rumor originates from Digitimes and its "sources from the upstream supply chain." Sometimes Digitimes is spot on with its inside information, and other times it's dead wrong. In this case, it's difficult to figure out because Intel stopped short of outright denying there's another delay.

"We continue to make progress with the industry's first 14nm manufacturing process and our second generation 3-D transistors. Broadwell, the first product on 14nm, is up-and-running as we demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum in Q3 2013. We're now planning to begin production this quarter with shipments to customers later this year," Intel told ExtremeTech when asked about the rumored delay.

On the surface, it sounds like everything is proceeding as planned, though Intel certainly left the door open to a delay by not outright saying everything is still on schedule and that the rumors are false. At the same time, this is one of the reasons why companies like Intel don't comment on rumors or speculation.

According to Digitimes and its supply stream sources, it's not so much technical difficulties this time around, but "slow digestion of Haswell processor inventories" that's to blame. If that's true, this could be yet another blow to the PC market as a whole.

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