Intel Roundup: Core i7 4771 Processor, Cheaper 2-in-1 Ultrabooks in the Works

Paul Lilly

A new flagship Haswell chip is in the works

We're still waiting on Intel to deliver enthusiast-grade processors such as Ivy Bridge-E, but in the meantime, the Santa Clara chip maker is busy fleshing out its Haswell processor family, including a new flagship part. In the coming weeks, Intel will reportedly launch a Core i7 4771 processor, a quad-core part clocked at 3.5GHz and Turbo clockspeed of 3.9Ghz. In other words, it won't be much faster than the current flagship CPU, the Core i7 4770.

Compared to the 4770, the 4771 is 100MHz faster, though both share the same Turbo frequency. Both also run the same integrated HD 4600 graphics and 84W max TDP. The only other difference between the two is that the 4771 ups the multiplier to 35 (up from 34), Fudzilla reports .

In other news, Intel is said to be working with its supply chain partners to help reduce the costs of its 2-in-1 Ultrabook devices. Intel is holding a one-day event to discuss designs for 2-in-1 devices that can switch between a laptop and a tablet, along with how to reduce the power consumption of processors and trim the weight.

As it stands, most companies can deliver 2-in-1 devices starting at $399, though Intel would like to see that price drop to $299.

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