Intel Rolls Out Energy-Efficient X25E Extreme SATA SSD for Enterprises

Pulkit Chandna

Intel has begun shipping the X25E Extreme SATA SSD, which the company has proclaimed as its “highest performing SSD” . The 32GB SSD is based on Intel’s 50nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory technology.

Intel claims that the X25E can increase the performance of servers, workstations, and storage systems by 100 times over hard drives, if measured in terms of Input/Output per Second (IOPS).

The 32GB SSD, which Intel claims can reduce energy costs by five times, boasts of 35,000 read IOPS and 3,300 write IOPS. The official press release pegged the maximum read speed at 250 MB/s and maximum write speeds at 170 MB/s respectively.

The 32GB version is out now and carries a price tag of $695. The production of the 64GB version will begin in first quarter of 2009.

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