Intel Rolls Out Atom D2550 Cedar Trail Processor with Faster Graphics, Hyperthreading

Paul Lilly

First unveiled a couple of weeks ago, Intel has officially added a new processor to its Atom line without a formal introduction. It's the Atom D2550 , essentially a supercharged D2500 with a faster graphics core and Hyperthreading support, or you can view it as a slower-clocked D2700, which also features a faster graphics core than the D2500 and supports Hyperthreading. Let's break all three down.

The Atom D2500 is a dual-core processor clocked at 1.86GHz. It has 1MB of cache and integrated graphics clocked at 400MHz. Hyperthreading is not supported, limiting the number of threads to same number of cores (two).

Up on top is the D2700 , another dual-core Atom processor built around Cedar Trail. It too has 1MB of cache, but it boasts a 2.13GHz clockspeed, a 640MHz graphics core, and supports Hyperthreading.

Sitting in between the two is the new Atom D2550. It's clocked at 1.86GHz, same as the D2500, and sports integrated graphics clocked at 640MHz, same as the D2700. There's also support for Hyperthreading like the D2700, and 1MB of cache, a feature all three processors share.

Intel hasn't revealed a price for the D2500, but as a point of reference, the D2700 carries an MSRP of $52.

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