Intel Roadmap Reveals 15nm Atom Processors

Paul Lilly

Exactly how low can Intel's Atom processors go? At least down to 15nm , according to Intel's latest roadmap. Think about that for a moment. At just 15nm, the manufacturing process is about the size of 60 atoms. By comparison, human hair measures 100,000nm in diameter. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Intel's plans were revealed in a slide being shown at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), which also showed 32nm and 22nm parts filling in the gap between 15nm and currently shipping 45nm Atom processors.

The slide is short on details, but interestingly it looks as though Intel will crank out more Atom chip offerings as the manufacturing process continues to shrink. At 15nm, Intel shows five chips each for netbooks, nettops, and consumer electronics, and six chips each for handheld "Z" series and embedded "E" series products.

Image Credit: Intel via CNet

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