Intel Reveals New Mobile Core i5/i7 Parts

Paul Lilly

While you were sitting at home watching the Detroit Lions extend their road losing streak to 22 consecutive games -- the third-longest streak in NFL history -- Intel was busy putting together an updated price list for its processors, including a bunch of brand-spanking-new Core i5 and Core i7 mobile chips (and a couple of Celeron parts).

Here's how it breaks down:

  • Celeron P4600, 32nm, 2GHz, 32W, $86
  • Celeron T3500, 45nm, 2.1GHz, 35W, $80
  • Core i5 560M, 32nm, 2.66GHz (3.2GHz Turbo), 35W, $225
  • Core i5 560UM, 32nm, 1.33GHz (2.13GHz), 18W, $250
  • Core i5 580M, 32nm, 2.66GHz (3.33GHz), 35W, $266
  • Core i7 640M, 32nm, 2.8GHz (3.46GHz), 35W, $346
  • Core i7 660LM, 32nm, 2.26GHz (3.06GHz), 25W, $346
  • Core i7 680UM, 32nm, 1.46GHz (2.53GHz), 18W, $317

We only spotted one price drop in the updated list, and that's for the Celeron T3300, which has been priced from $86 down to $80.

View the full list here .

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