Intel Reveals New Atom-Powered System-on-Chip Plans

Paul Lilly

A pair of Intel executives today outlined Intel's latest system-on-chip (SoC) products for embedded applications. The big news here is that an upcoming SoC product will be built around Intel's Atom architecture and, for the first time, let other companies create PCI Express compliant devices that connect directly to the chip, Intel said.

Code named Tunnel Creek, Intel envisions the upcoming SoC being used for in-vehicle infotainment and IP media phones. It's a highly integrated part that combines an Atom processor core, memory controller hub, and graphics and video engine all onto a single chip.

According to Intel, the GPU crams 50 percent more graphics performance than existing Menlow chipsets, and as a bonus, it's also smaller and cheaper to produce. Even still, things like hardware video encode acceleration and active noise cancellation DSP has been added in.

Look for Tunnel Creek to arrive by the end of the year.

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