Intel Responds to 'Unsubstantiated' Reports of CEO's Anti-Windows 8 Remarks

Pulkit Chandna

Together Microsoft and Intel have ruled the PC industry for a ridiculously long time, but with smartphone and tablet sales going through the roof, they now have a lot to think about. While both parties don’t seem entirely averse to venturing out of their longstanding relationship, Intel’s Android-compatible Medfield SoC and Microsoft’s ARM-friendly Windows RT OS seem little more than half-hearted attempts at being unfaithful. On Wednesday, however, a report that Intel CEO Paul Otellini had been heard criticizing Windows 8 in a recently held company meeting in Taiwan painted a slightly different picture.

According to Bloomberg, Otellini got candid about Windows 8 in a company meeting in Taiwan on Tuesday and was reportedly heard telling employees that the upcoming OS wasn’t fully baked yet . But Otellini, Bloomberg’s source claimed, did not seem to have a problem with the idea of Microsoft releasing Windows 8 a little prematurely — a practice much more widespread than what most people like to think.

With Windows 8 having already received a lot of negative publicity, it did not take Microsoft too long to respond. “With over 16 million active preview participants, Windows 8 is the most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history. We’re looking forward to making Windows 8 available to the world on October 26th,” Microsoft said in a statement.

A bit later in the day, Intel also issued a statement on “unsubstantiated news reports about comments made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini in a meeting with employees.” While the brief statement reminds everyone that Otellini once hailed Windows 8 as being “one of the best things that ever happened to Intel”, nowhere does it deny that Otellini made the remarks attributed to him by Bloomberg.

“Intel has a long and successful heritage working with Microsoft on the release of Windows platforms, delivering devices that provide exciting experiences, stunning performance, and superior compatibility,” reads the statement. “Intel fully expects this to continue with Windows 8.”

“Intel, Microsoft and our partners have been working closely together on testing and validation to ensure delivery of a high-quality experience across the nearly 200 Intel-based designs that will start launching in October.”

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