Intel Reportedly Shipping Graphics Free Core i5 3350P Ivy Bridge CPU in Q3

Paul Lilly

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) these days are all about combining CPU and GPU functions onto single slices of silicon, but is there still a market for GPU-less processors? Sure there is. After all, peanut butter without jelly is still a tasty snack, as any canine will attest, and if you're rocking discrete graphics or have an IGP motherboard, all you're really interested in is the CPU portion of a processor anyway. To serve those customers, Intel is said to be readying the release of its Core i5 3350P processor, which is an Ivy Bridge chip without graphics.

News and rumor site Fudzilla says the new chip is coming sometime this quarter and will serve as a replacement for the Core i5 2380P, another non-graphics enabled CPU except that it's built around Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture.

The Core i5 3350P part reportedly sports a 3.1GHz base clockspeed and ramps up to 3.3GHz via Turbo. It's a quad-core chip with four threads (no HyperThreading, unfortunately), 6MB of cache, and a 69W TDP. Fudzilla says the new CPU will sell for $187, which is the same price the Core i5 2380P debuted at.

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