Intel Reportedly Looking to Acquire Infineon's Wireless Business

Paul Lilly

Having just spent nearly $8 billion acquiring security firm McAfee, reports are starting to surface that Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is now eying up Infineon Technologies AG's wireless unit, Bloomberg reports .

"Intel's big strategy is to be at the heart of computing everywhere," said Alex Guana, an analyst at JMP Securities LLC in San Francisco. "The McAfee acquisition helps make that a secure equation and a potential Infineon acquisition would give them inroads into the mobility space."

If Infineon sounds at all familiar, that's because they're the ones who produce processors for Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones. Infineon ranks as Europe's second largest chip maker, and an acquisition of its wireless business would cost Intel about $1.91 billion, according to "two people familiar with the talks." Think about that for a moment. Should this go through, Intel will have spent close to $10 billion in less than a month snatching up companies and businesses to beef up its mobile strategy.

Image Credit: Intel

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