Intel Releases WHQL-Certified Windows 8 Graphics Drivers

Brad Chacos

While the rest of us were busy browsing through the deal-tastic Steam Summer Sale, Intel was busy quietly releasing a new set of WHQL-certified graphics drivers for Windows 8 to ensure that integrated graphics types -- including people who like to casually frag on their notebooks -- will be able to get their game on with a minimum of buggy fuss. The new drivers run with Windows 8 Release Preview, but Intel says they'll be good for Windows 8 proper, too.

The Windows 8 driver works with any Sandy Bridge chip packing Intel's HD 3000 or 2000 graphics as well as Ivy Bridge CPUs with HD 4000 or 2500 integrated graphics. There isn't too much more to report, really, although the drivers also bring OpenGL 4.0 support and "Windows Display Driver Model Version 1.2 features such as native stereoscopic 3D support, optimized screen rotation detection and integrated DirectX 11 video playback."

Sounds good to us. If it sounds good to you -- and assuming you're running Windows 8, of course -- point your browser to this page , which will direct you towards both the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers.

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