Intel Readying 10-watt Haswell Chip for Ultrabooks

Pulkit Chandna

Having debuted late last year with 2nd generation Intel Core processors, ultrabooks moved to 22nm Ivy Bridge chips back in June. But all along, it has been said that ultrabooks will truly come into their own when Intel launches Haswell, its first true system-on-a-chip (SoC). The launch of Ivy Bridge’s successor is still far off, but we will soon have a fair idea of what Intel has in store for us.

With less than a week to go for its annual developer conference, Intel has begun clearing its throat. On Wednesday, the company touted the 22nm Haswell microarchitecture, promising improvements in everything from graphics to security. But where ultrabooks are concerned, what matters most is power efficiency.

Hitherto, most reports have hinted at a 15W TDP for Haswell chips. Now, though, a new report suggests that figure could be even lower. According to The Verge, Intel has revealed that it has a Haswell SoC with a 10W TDP in the pipeline . Not only does this mean that PC vendors will be able to make much more power-efficient ultrabooks in the future, but that these devices will also be thinner and lighter than the ones currently on the market.

We are likely to find out more about Haswell during next week’s three-day Intel Developer Forum (IDF) convention in San Francisco, so stay tuned.

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