Intel Ready to Manufacture 32nm Chips in 2009

Paul Lilly

Don't fret if you just plunked down a wad of cash for a 45nm processor, you're still ahead of the curve. And while 32nm chips aren't 'just around the corner,' they have officially moved into the production phase and it looks as though Intel will make the transition on schedule. The first commercial processors on the shrunken die process are expected to debut by the end of 2009.

Moving to 32nm isn't without its technological challenges, and Intel will use a second-generation high-K gate material to contain leakage current, TGDaily reports. The chip maker will also transition to a 193nm immersion lithography production technology to print the circuits on the chips, something AMD already does on its 45nm parts.

Should Intel not run into any product-delaying roadblocks, the switch to 32nm will put the chip maker at least a year ahead of AMD, whose roadmap shows a 32nm server processor scheduled for 2010 (consumer processors built on a 32nm manufacturing process aren't expected until 2011). And looking past 32nm, 22nm technology has moved out of research and into development, putting it on pace for a 2013 release.

Intel will give more details on its next generation chips at the International Electron Devices meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco on December 15th.

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