Intel Readies Pentium CPU Refresh for Q2

Paul Lilly

New Pentium processors based on Ivy Bridge are on the way from Intel.

It seems hard to fathom, but at the end of next week, Intel's Pentium brand will turn 20 years old. Despite two decades of service, don't look for Intel to push its Pentium nomenclature into retirement. What you can expect, however, are new dual-core Pentium parts based on Ivy Bridge, which are scheduled to be released in the second quarter of this year, just ahead of Haswell.

According to CPU World , the new Pentium chips all lack Hyper Threading support and only support basic features, such as Intel 64 and Virtualization. They will have integrated HD graphics, all of which are clocked at 650MHz and up to 1,050MHz when thermals are kept in check.

There will be two 35W Pentium chips, including the Pentium G2120T and G2030T. The higher-end CPU features a 2.2GHz clockspeed, 3MB of L3 cache, and support for DDR3-1600MHz memory, while the G2030T comes clocked 2.6GHz, has the same amount of cache, and supports DDR3-1333MHz memory.

The other two processors both feature a 55W TDP. They include the Pentium G2140 (3.3GHz, 3MB L3 cache, DDR3-1600MHz support) and G2030 (3GHz, 3MB cache, DDR3-1333MHz support).

No pricing information is yet available on any of these chips.

Original Image Credit: Flickr (adpowers)

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