Intel Quietly Rolls Out Updated Bay Trail NUC, Stomps Out USB 3.0 Bug

Paul Lilly

A new revision NUC works out a few kinks

Intel's attempt at infiltrating the mini PC market with its Next Unit of Computing (NUC) device has been met with some growing pains, one of the first of which is it had a tendency to lock up unless you removed the internal Wi-Fi card. That's long been fixed, though there have been reports of other issues, such as a USB 3.0 bug. A new revision NUC is supposed to squash the USB 3.0 bug , along with a few other issues.

The folks at FanlessTech alerted us to Intel's Product Change Notification (PDF) . What is says is that Intel is replacing the original Celeron N2820 with a Celeron N2830. The newer chip has a new stepping (C0), faster clockspeed (2.1GHz to 2.41GHz), and adds support for DDR3L-1333 memory.

Apparently users had reported several minor driver and USB issues with NUCs based on the original Celeron. The latest revision DN2820FYKH should address those issues,

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