Intel Puts Internet TV Service on Pause, Looks to Launch in 2014

Paul Lilly

Plans to debut in 2013 have come to a screeching halt

Intel is finding out firsthand just how difficult it is to negotiate with big media companies, which traditionally have shown a reluctance to embrace the streaming revolution. As such, Intel's plans to launch an over the top TV service by the end of the year to compete with cable and satellite providers have been pushed back to 2014 as the chip giant looks for partners willing to play ball.

According to Variety , Netflix is one of the potential partners Intel has approached so far, though discussions are said to have never been all that serious. One reason is because Netflix is hesitant to participate in a TV service that would directly compete with cable and satellite.

Intel has yet to announce any licensing deals for its over the top service called OnCue. According to a report in The New York Times , Intel figures it needs to sign 5 million subscribers to its OnCue service withing the first three years to make the initiative worthwhile. Since that's the case, Intel won't forge ahead until it has something substantial to offer.

The upside to OnCue for consumers is that it would provide the same basic set of channels that existing companies offer, but over the Internet and to screens of all sizes, including smartphones and HDTVs. It would also be a personalized service with different members of the family receiving different recommendations.

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