Intel Preps New Six-Core Extreme Edition Chip for Q1 2011

Paul Lilly

Enthusiasts with deep pockets will have another six-core Extreme Edition processor from Intel to line their rigs with, but not until the first quarter of 2011. That's when Intel will reportedly drop its upcoming Core i7 990X processor into the high-end market.

There won't be any big surprises here. The 990X is essentially a faster clocked Gulftown, which means it won't come built around Intel's 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture. According to reports, the 990X will come clocked at 3.46GHz with a Turbo clockspeed of 3.73GHz. Compare that to the 980X, Intel's current flagship processor clocked at 3.33GHz with a Turbo frequency of 3.6GHz.

Like all Extreme Edition CPUs, the 990X will ship with an unlocked multiplier. Other familiar features/specs include a tri-channel memory controller and 130W TDP.

No concrete release date has yet been set, only that it will ship sometime in the first quarter of 2011 for $1,000. And if Fudzilla's info is correct, there won't be any other six-core parts from Intel before then.

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