Intel Preps Another Six-Core Processor


Slowly but surely, the six-core revolution is getting under way. Intel kicked things off with the release of its Core i7 980X, followed by a flurry of six-core chips at the ready from AMD, and within the next few weeks, Intel will release a slightly lower clocked (and lower priced) followup to the 980X.

According to reports, Intel's Core i7 970 part will likely show up in the third quarter. It will race along at 3.2GHz compared to 3.33GHz for the 980X, and while no pricing info has been released, news and rumor site Fudzilla says it will probably sell for around €799. A straight conversion still puts it at over $1,000 USD, and even though we suspect it will sell for less in the States, that's still on the high side, especially compared to AMD's offerings.

In other chip news, Intel has launched its Core i5 680, which ranks as the fastest Clarkdale dual-core chip yet. Built around Intel's 32nm Westmere architecture, the 680 chip comes clocked at 3.6GHz and features 4MB of L3 cache.

Image Credit: Intel

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