Intel Prepping Nearly Half a Dozen Core i3 Ivy Bridge Processors for Q2 Release

Paul Lilly

Just a few days ago Fudzilla brought up the interesting point that there are no Core i3 flavored 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors on tap from Intel, or at least none that we know of. They haven't shown up in leaked roadmaps and, for the time being, it appears Intel is sticking with Core i5 and i7 models for its mobile Ivy Bridge lineup. Fortunately for you budget buyers out there, Core i3 will make an appearance on the desktop.

According to Fudzilla's information , Intel will launch no less than five Core i3 Ivy Bridge processors for the desktop in the second quarter of 2012, three of which will settle in the transactional market and two in the low power market. The fastest of the bunch will be the Core i3 3420, a dual-core chip clocked at 3.4GHz. It will have four threads, 3MB of cache, Intel HD 2500 Graphics (650MHz/1050MHz), and support DDR3-1333/1600 memory with a TDP that's under 55W.

Second in command is the Core i3 3225, another dual-core part that's clocked at 3.3GHz with four threads, 3MB of cache, DDR3-1333/1600 memory support, and Intel HD 4000 Graphics (650MHz/1050MHz), also with a TDP under 55W. It's an interesting chip considering the higher end graphics usually reserved for Core i5 and i7 parts.

Sitting one rung lower is the Core i3 3220, essentially the same chip as the i3 3225 but with slower Intel HD 2500 Graphics (650MHz/1050MHz).

For the low power segment, Intel plans to release the Core i3 3420T (3GHz, 35W TDP) and 3220T (2.8GHz, 35W TDP). No prices were mentioned for any of the chips.

Image Credit: Intel

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