Intel Preparing To Launch New ULV Core i3 & Core i5 Processors in June

Maximum PC Staff

Most Maximum PC readers have a hard time using netbooks. We understand they serve a certain market, but when your used to getting more CPU cycles out of your over clock than an Atom can even produce, you tend to favor a more powerful mobile experience. If you fall into this category, you'll be relieved to know more ULV processors are on the way to fill out the slightly bigger than a netbook category, and the new Intel parts will fall under the Core i3 & i5 banners.

Details are still a bit sketchy, but according to an Intel road map that was webcast late last week, it appears as though notebooks featuring the new parts could start shipping by Q2 2010, and will likely range between $400-$800. Performance is expected to fall into the "slightly more powerful than a netbook" but "slightly less powerful than a full featured notebook" range. This category is typically a bit more profitable than netbooks, so we expect Intel to put forward a fairly competitive offering. The new chips will be made using the latest 32-nanometer process, and will offer power savings far beyond previous ultra portable offerings.

Market research firm iSuppli said in a statement on Thursday that they expect the ultrathin category to grow to 14.5 million units in 2010, a 93 percent increase from 2009. If you're on the market for a thin and light laptop that isn't running an Atom processor, you might want to hold out just a bit longer.

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