Intel Prepares To Launch Core i5-2550k Quad Core for LGA1155

Maximum PC Staff

The Intel Core i5-2500k and i7-2600k processors were revolutionary when they launched. Offering amazing value for both mid-range and high end PC’s, these parts overclocked so easily on air you’d be crazy not to. Recently Sandy Bridge-E has moved in to draw away the attention of the high end enthusiasts, while those on a budget of $300 or less for a CPU have been more or less stuck with the 2500k. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to upsell you to the latest and greatest, Intel is preparing to launch the Core i5-2550k for those who want something slightly better than the 2500k, but can’t quite scrape together enough coin for the 2600k/2700k.

If we’ve managed to peek your interest keep an eye on the retail channel number BX80623I52550K, or for the OEM variation CM806230121300. The exact specifications of the chip haven’t yet been published, but if the 2600k/2700k can be used as an example, then a 100Mhz bump to 3.40 GHz sounds likely. It is also expected the chip will feature 256 KB L2 cache per core, 6 MB shared L3 cache, and a TDP of 95W. If you’re still saving up for the 2500k on the other hand don’t fret. The i5-2550k will likely sit at a price point just above it somewhere below $250.

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