Intel Plans to Open Several Pop-Up Retail Stores for the Holiday Season

Paul Lilly

These are not your typical retail stores

As the holiday shopping season comes into view, Intel has revealed that it plans to open a series of "Intel Experience Stores" in various locations, starting with the first opening in NoLita, New York on November 23 at 10 AM. Since they're being designed for the holiday season, these stores will stay open until the latter part of January, during which time patrons will be able to walk in and play with Intel gear, recycle used electronics, and even test drive new Intel products at home.

These stores are aimed at pushing Intel's products and to promote its brand, but in a unique way that's not typical of your average brick-and-mortar location. In a promotional video, Intel describes these as "free to attend events." As opposed to a regular store where you walk in, browse and maybe buy things, and then leave, Intel will be giving out free coffee, playing movies for free every Friday, and presenting speakers from the community.

The pop-up stores will change physically three times each day with new programming each day as well, Intel says. Local tech inventors and makers will be invited to come in and showcase their skills, and even participate in challenges that will give back to the community.

Have a look at the video describing Intel's plans and let us know what you think about this in the comments section below!

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