Intel Planning Mobile SoC With Integrated 4G

Brad Chacos

Intel's move into the mobile market is less than two weeks old and already the company's looking to make waves. At CES, CEO Paul Otellini revealed that Intel's Atom Z2460 -- aka "Medfield" -- chips would be powering Motorola and Lenovo phones in the second half of the year . Although Lenovo's Atom-powered K800 was on display at the show, no Intel-based smartphones have actually launched yet -- and Otellini's already talking about plans to make a mobile System on a Chip that includes integrated 4G capabilities.

"Over time, what we will want to do is grow [Infineon wireless technology] capability up by integrating the apps processor and the communication processors onto the same chip, while we drive our initial positions in apps processors from the top down," Otellini told a group of financial analysts in a conference call, Xbit Labs reports . Basically, Otellini's saying that Infineon 4G modems will eventually find their way into Intel's smartphone/tablet chips. (Intel recently acquired Infineon.)

A SoC with integrated 4G will definitely diffentiate Atom chips from ARM processors, but it's worth noting that Nvidia also plans on integrating 3G/4G capabilities into its next-gen "Grey" Tegra processors later this year, as Xbit Labs also reported back in September . When can we expect to see Intel's unified solution? Your guess is as good as ours -- Otellini declined to provide timeline details.

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