Intel Phasing Out Two Core i7 Processors

Paul Lilly

Well that was fast. Less than six months after launch, Intel has decided to start phasing out both the Core i7 940 and Core i7 965 Extreme. That leaves only the 920 as the last i7 standing out of the current trio of desktop Nehalem chips. So what gives?

We're not entirely sure. Some are speculating that the current crop of Nehalems were more about meeting a promised launch date than representing Nehalem for the long haul. Intel, however, maintains that demand for these chips "has shifted to other Intel processors." Regardless of the reason, you can probably expect Intel to release other i7 processors in the not too distant future to take the place of the ones being axed.

Customers will have to place final orders for the Corei7 940 by July 10, 2009, with the last boxed 940 to ship on December 4 and last tray of the chip on November 5, 2010. Final order date for the Core i7 965 has been set to September 4, 2009, with final shipments to take place on May 7, 2010.

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