Intel Pegs May 2011 for Oak Trail Tablet Shipments

Paul Lilly

You've heard that April showers bring May flowers, and that Mayflowers bring Pilgrims. Those are both true, but also blossoming in May are Oak Trail tablets, right around the time Computex rolls around. It's been a long time coming. Intel announced Oak Trail last year once it was clear that tablets would be more than a passing fad, however we've yet to see any slates built around Oak Trail.

"Oak Trail tablets are expected to start hitting shelves in May and throughout 2011," an Intel spokeswoman said.

According to the U.K.'s PC Advisor , Oak Trail tablets could offer up to 10 hours of battery life, which is what the iPad 2 is rated at, though you can squeeze even more out of it depending on your usage habits. These upcoming tablets will ship with Intel's single-core Z670 Oak Trail processor, which has been optimized for HD video decoding and to accelerate the playback of MPEG files in Window Media Player.

It remains to be seen which OEMs will jump on board, though several companies have already shown Oak Trail tablets running Windows 7, including Lenovo, Fujitsu, Samsung, and Motion Computing.

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