Intel: Over 1 Billion Compatible Motherboards Sold


According to Intel, there are now more than 1 billion Intel processor-based desktop PC motherboards worldwide, a milestone the chip maker says is indicative of a thriving PC business.

"Intel congratulates the Taiwan tech industry on reaching ths historic milestone," said Sean Maloney , Intel executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer. "This milestone is another signal that the desktop PC is not dead and that computer users continue to crave the processing power, graphics, and storage capabilities that desktop PCs provide."

This in addition to the exploding netbook market, which is so far dominated by Intel silicon and presumably not included as part of the "desktop PC" shipment milestone. At last count, worldwide PC shipments had reached 80.6 million units in Q3 of 2008, spurred in large part by netbooks.

Maloney is expected to further discuss the milestone tomorrow during his Computex keynote.

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