Intel on Track for 300mm Fab in China

Paul Lilly

Things are all going to plan, said Intel, who is scheduled to begin operations at its 300mm fab in Dalian, China, in 2010. Manning the fabrication plant will be the first batch of graduates from the Semiconductor Technology Institute.

According to Intel, manufacturing with 300mm wafers has a dramatic effect on the company's ability to produce semiconductors at a lower cost. In addition, 300mm manufacturing consumes 40 percent less energy and water per chip than a 200mm wafer factory, the company said.

The site in question was first announced in 2007 as a $2.5 billion project in what would ultimately become the company's first wafer fab in Asia. It was the first time since 1992 with the construction of Fab 10 in Ireland that Intel had built a fab from the ground up.

Image Credit: Intel

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