Intel Officially Announces Budget-Priced 330 SSD Line

Brad Chacos

Remember back in the beginning of the month, when etailer leaks suggested that the low-price Intel 330 SSD was supposed to drop on Friday the 13th ? Those leaks were wrong -- but only slightly. Intel took an extra weekend to put its products in place and today -- that's the 16th, not the 13th -- Chipzilla announced that the budget priced SSDs are now available. One even breaks the $100 MSRP barrier.

The date might've been off, but the pricing and size details of the leaks proved to be spot on: the 330 SSD line includes a 60 GB drive for $89, a 120 GB drive for $149 and a 180 GB drive for $234. All are backed by a 3 year warranty and are based off of Intel's 25nm MLC NAND tech. Spec-wise, we're looking at a 6Gbps SATA 3.0 interface, 500/450MBps sequential read/write speeds, and 22.5k/33k random read/write IOPS.

Any takers?

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