Intel Officially Announces 510 Series SSDs, Promises 500MB/s Transfers

Paul Lilly

Hold onto your bootstraps because Intel's promising breakneck speeds with its new 510 Series solid state drives. The new SSDs sport a SATA 6Gpbs interface, making possible up to 500MB/s read and up to 315MB/s sequential write speeds. According to Intel, the 510 Series is the fastest consumer SATA SSD available today.

"The Intel SSD 510 Series helps round out our SSD product line and was specifically designed for applications that require high sequential media transfers," said Pete Hazen, director of marketing for Intel's NAND Solutions Group. "Whether it's a gamer wanting impeccable visual performance and faster game loading, or a performance-intensive workstation user, the new 6Gbps SATA SSD from Intel is not only significantly faster than the top 10,000 RPM gaming HDD, it's also faster than two RAIDed gaming HDDs."

These new SSDs are built on a 34nm manufacturing process and come in 250GB ($584 for thousand unit quantities) and 120GB ($284) capacities. They're also a hint of what's to come. Be on the lookout for more SATA 6Gbps drives in the near future, such as those built around SandForce's recently announced SF-2100/2200 controller.

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