Intel Looks to Raise Brand Recognition with New Campaign

Paul Lilly

Let Microsoft and Apple fight over who has the better platform and OS. Meanwhile, Intel has unleashed a new ad campaign that should appeal to viewers of either camp, assuming those viewers have a funny bone. The new ads showcase Intel as a different kind of rock star -- a geek uprising, if you will -- and if you're not amused, well, you just might not have a sense of humor.

The first of a series of ads stars Ajay Bhatt (portrayed by an actor), co-inventor of the USB, walking down an office aisle filled with giddy fans and signing autographs. A graphic appears at end proclaiming, "Our rock stars aren't like your rocks stars." While tongue-in-cheek, there's a bigger message Intel is trying to send, one which focuses on the brand and not the product.

"The fact that we're an ingredient, it's easy to get lost," said Deborah Conrad, VP and GM of Intel's corporate marketing group. "We really needed to put some meaning into Intel, so 'Intel inside' means something again."

If nothing else, it means a few chuckles, but Intel hopes it leads to better sales as well. No laughing matter, Intel's first quarter revenue slid 26 percent to $7.1 billion, while profit is down 55 percent. True to Intel form, the company will look to spend its way out of a recession, and that includes the new ad campaign.

Check it out here , then hit the jump and tell us what you think.

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