Intel Launches SSD 313 Cache Series

Brad Chacos

Only four days into April and we're already ready to christen it the month of the SSD! A couple of days ago, we mentioned that several e-tailer leaks hinted to an April 13th release of Intel's new SSD 330 Series budget SSDs ; yesterday, OCZ announced the high-end Vertex 4 SSD , powered by the company's new Indilinx Everest 2 controller. Now, Intel's officially launched its SSD 313 Series cache drives, the follow-up to the older SSD 311 line.

Two models are available, Tom's Hardware and AnandTech report, in 20GB and 24GB flavors. Both use the same 25nm SLC NAND flash memory, 3Gbps SATA 2.0 interface and Intel PC29AS21BA0 controller, but each sports slightly different specifications when it comes down to the nitty gritty read/write processes.

The 20GB variant, which costs $120, sports max sequential read/write speeds of 220/100MBps, respectively, while the random 4K read/write speeds clock in at 36k/3.3k IOPS. The $140 24GB model, on the other hand, rocks 160/115MBps sequential read/write speeds and 33k/4k random 4K IOPS. Both models support Ivy Bridge.

If the leaked specs for the SSD 330 Series expected later this month turn out to be accurate, they seem to deliver a lot more bang for your buck, but then again, they're meant to be full-blown stand-alone SSDs rather than helpful caches. In any case, the SSD 313 Series caches are already online at Newegg and other e-tailers.

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