Intel Launches Core i7 975 Extreme Edition


Supplanting the Core i7 965 as Intel's flagship processor, the No. 1 chip maker today launches its Core i7 975 Extreme Edition. Clocked at 3.33GHz and built around the company's Nehalem architecture, the 975EE ranks as the fastest desktop processor yet available.

Built on a 45nm manufacturing processor and checking in with a 263mm2 die size, the 975EE boasts 1MB of L2 cache, 8MB of L2 "Smart" cache, a 25X clock multiplier, 6.4GT/sec QPI link frequency, and a 130W TDP. The new chip is also based on the newer (and more overclocking friendly) D0 stepping, which has just recently started showing up in newer Core i7 920 chips.

Reviews are out in full force now that the NDA has been lifted, some of which also include the Core i7 950, another new entry to the Core i7 family launched today. The i7 950 comes clocked at 3.06GHz with a 4.8GT/sec QPI speed.

Both processors are available now with street pricing in the $540-$570 (Core i7 950) and $1000-$1040 (Core i7 975 EE) ranges.

Image Credit: Intel via TomsHardware

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