Intel Ivy Bridge-E Processors to Support LGA 2011, Shipping in Q4 2012

Paul Lilly

We know, we know -- Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors are just now rolling off the assembly line and chipzilla's 22nm Ivy Bridge refresh is still several months away, so what the frak are we talking about about Ivy Bridge-E for? Hey, so goes the march of technology. But don't worry, not only is your brand new LGA 2011 build still relevant, but it's also going to support Ivy Bridge-E processors.

That's according to a confidential Intel slide obtained by and posted to the Web. Like Sandy Bridge-E, Intel's Ivy Bridge-E chips are aimed at enthusiasts. They'll slide right into socket LGA 2011 boards built around Intel's X79 chipset.

Unfortunately, no other details were revealed in the sole slide, which is kind of a bummer. But on the plus side, if the slide is real, and barring any last minute changes, this means Intel isn't planning to ditch its new socket any time soon.

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