Intel Iris Pro Graphics Makes History at Comic Con in New York

Paul Lilly

Earning street cred for CPU graphics

When it comes to gaming, we've always held firm that you could pry our discrete graphics cards from our cold, dead hands, and for the most part, we feel the same way today. However, we have to give props where they're due, and right now Intel deserves kudos for its Iris Pro 5200 graphics, the embedded graphics found on select 4th Generation Core processors ( Haswell ).

At Comic Con over the weekend, two popular StarCraft II gamers went toe-to-toe in what's believed to have been the world's first professional gaming match played entirely on systems with CPU graphics. CyberPower's Zeus Hercules gaming notebooks featuring Haswell processors with Iris Pro graphics played a pivotal role earning some street cred for integrated graphics.

"The competition was streamed live on (and archived here ) so StarCraft II fans all over the world were able to get into the action. Another advantage of Intel Iris Pro graphics is that streaming on with Intel Quick Sync Video enabled results in up a 60 percent reduction in CPU utilization, freeing up more resources to play your game," Intel's Dan Snyder explained in a blog post .

Specifically, both StarCraft II players got their gaming groove on with an Intel Core i7 4750HQ processor with Iris Pro 5200 graphics

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