Intel Introduces a Few New CPUs, Cuts Prices on Others


Intel adds a few processors and drops a few prices this month in it’s CPU line up. There doesn’t appear to be any shakeups from Intel’s expected plans.

Intel's Core 2 Extreme Quad Core line remains unchanged, but in the standard line, the Q9650 joins the line up at the top, while the Q9550 drops 40% from $530 to the Q9450 previous level of $316. The Q9400 is also new, and enters at the same price as the Q9300 and Q6700 (a 65nm process CPU) at $266.

The only other prices changes were in the Xeon line, with the new X3370 coming out and the X3360 dropping 40% to $316.

All prices are in 1000 tray units.

We will certainly see more changes when Intel ships Bloomfield sometime in Q4.

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