Intel: Ice Cream Sandwich Packs x86 Optimizations

Pulkit Chandna

Intel is itching to get a toehold in the mobile device market. But unless Apple switches its much vaunted mobile devices to the x86 processor architecture on a whim, the only way Intel can  hope to achieve a position approaching strength in the mobile market is by supporting Android. The real question now is not whether Android will run on Intel’s x86-based processors or not, as we already know the answer to it is yes, but how well.

According to Suzy Greenberg, a spokesperson for Intel, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been designed to make sure it dovetails well with the company’s x86-based processors . "Ice Cream Sandwich includes OS optimisation for x86, so Intel architecture-based devices can support it,” she said last week.

While the first Ice Cream device will go on sale later this month, you’ll have to wait longer if you want to experience Ice Cream Sandwich on an Intel-based mobile device. Smartphones and Tablets powered by Intel’s 32-nm “Medfield” Atom processor will only arrive in the the first half of 2012.

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