Intel Helping Taxis Deliver Targeted Ads

Paul Lilly

Riding in a cab is becoming quite the open-ended adventure. Will you end up on an episode of Taxi Cab Confessions? Maybe you'll get a chance to score some cash on Cash Cab. But if you're playing the odds, you'll most likely end up in a taxi outfitted with custom signage designed to serve up ads based on your destination.

It's part of a new initiative by Intel India, Meru Cabs, and iWave System Technologies, three companies which have jointly " announced a partnership to develop an Intel Atom processor-based mobile digital signage solution that will allow advertisers to target passengers with tailored content."

Head to the airport and maybe you'll be shown deals on flights or car rentals. And should you head to the local gentleman's club, perhaps you'll see a pair of...cocktails flash across the screen. Whatever the case may be, the signs are being built with a little bit of ruggedness in mind.

"The ability for the Intel Atom processor to withstand extreme weather elements will help keep the digital signs operating well in varied climates," Intel said.

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