Intel Has First $11 Billion Quarter

Ryan Whitwam

Apparently tough economic times are good to Intel. The chip maker has reported their quarterly earnings and they not only met expectations, they set a personal record. Intel had over $11 billion in revenue last quarter. That's the highest the company has ever had, a healthy 18% rise over last year. " "We continue to see healthy worldwide demand for computing products of all types," said Intel CEO Paul Otellini

Intel lowered their expectations last month from $11.2bn to $12bn, to $10.8bn and $11.2bn. So they were pretty much dead on. In the quarter now underway, Intel is expecting to be in the high $11 billion range. It's certainly a good time to be Intel. These high earnings give Intel the leeway to pursue mobile ventures like MeeGo and lower power Atom chips. AMD? Are you still out there?

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