Intel to Give Away Sweet Prizes as Twitch Streamers Compete in Online Reality Series

Paul Lilly

Devil's Canyon and other prizes are up for grabs

Here's something a little bit different -- Intel is planning to give away a whole bunch of prizes as it seeks to discover the very best streamers on Twitch . It's part of a collaboration with GoodGame Agency (of Team Evil Genius fame) to offer the gaming community a reality web series dubbed "Intel's Next Top Live-Streamer." Contestants will compete to become an official member of the Intel Stream Team.

There will be "hilarious and exciting challenges" along the way. The person who wins it all will receive a one-year talent contract and salary from GoodGame Agency, recognition as Intel's first "Next Top Livestreamer," and a decked out studio makeover complete with a Core i7 gaming/streaming system.

Twenty streamers will compete in preliminary rounds -- 15 invited and 5 chosen by the fans. Fan voting will wittle the contestants down to 8 finalists.

"These 8 finalists will compete in weekly challenges, stream to earn your votes, and contend for judges favor, all in the quest to become Intel’s Next Top Livestreamer. All of this will be featured on the Intel’s Next Top Livestreamer live broadcast Finals show on OneMoreGameTV starting July 30th," Intel says.

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