Intel Gets Cold Feet, Wants to Dump Web TV Business on Verizon

Paul Lilly

Intel's interest in TV may be waning

Chip maker Intel had big plans to bust into the TV business and offer a streaming solution to subscribers by the end of the year, but delays due to licensing negotiations may be wearing thin on the company. Intel already had to put its plans on pause and look to launch its service in 2014, but as more time has gone by, it appears Intel may want to jump ship before it leaves shore, and pass that captain's hat over to Verizon.

Citing "people familiar with the talks," All Things D says Intel and Verizon are in "advanced negotiations" about having the wireless carrier take over all or part of Intel Media, the division in charge of building a web-based subscription TV service. It's not clear if Verizon is interested in taking over completely, or if Intel would retain a stake in the business.

Intel and Verizon are both refusing to comment on the matter, but if we had to guess, we'd say Intel has probably grown tired of trying to hammer out programming deals from TV networks, the latter of which have been hesitant to embrace a transition to streaming.

Up to this point, Intel has been gung ho about the project. Back in 2011, the company hired Erik Huggers, a former executive for BBC who was in charge of web video, to spearhead a streaming service using an Intel set-top box. Huggers went on to hire a team of 300 employees, built the box, and even gave the service a name (OnCue).

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