Intel Fixes Busted TRIM Support with New Firmware Release


Intel X25-M G2 SSD owners should be lauded for their patience. Don't believe it? See here , here , and, here . We won't fault anyone who takes this next bit of news with guarded optimism, but Intel's newly released 02HD firmware purports to restore TRIM support, and do so without bricking the previously problematic drives.

So far at least, user response in Intel's support forums have been fairly positive. Nobody yet has reported any major problems in the firmware's main support thread , which is a positive sign given the SSD's past problems.

The 02HD firmware applies to both 80GB and 160GB Intel X25-M G2 SSDs built on a 34nm manufacturing process, and in addition to restoring TRIM support, Intel says it also contains "several continuous improvement optimizations intended to provide the best possible user experience."

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Image Credit: HotHardware

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