Intel Files Trademark Infringement Claim against Harris Corporation

Pulkit Chandna

The verbal proximity of Harris Corporation’s Centrio product name – used to sell a “breakthrough multiviewer” - to Intel’s Centrino brand name alarmed the chip maker to such an extent that it decided to sue the former. Last week, it initiated a lawsuit alleging that Harris Corporation’s Centrio trademark infringes upon its Centrino trademark.

Intel fears that people may confuse Harris Corporation’s Centrio trade name with its Centrino brand as they are “substantially and confusingly similar.”

According to Intel, it resorted to taking legal action after all its attempts to “resolve this dispute amicably with Harris” proved to be sleeveless. It doesn’t take a legal virtuoso to tell that when Harris Corporation’s lawyers get down to refuting Intel’s claims, they would draw the court’s attention to the disparateness between the respective products the two trademarks are associated with.

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