Intel Extends Warranty on SSD 320 Family

Paul Lilly

Here's a bit of news that should help alleviate reliability concerns when picking up a solid state drive. Intel this week bumped up the warranty period on its SSD 320 line from three years to five years. The extended warranty applies to all Intel SSD 320 SSDs, including those that have already been purchased. Does Intel know something about SSDs that everyone else doesn't?

That could be the case, or maybe Intel is simply trying to get your attention. A lengthy warranty period is a good way of doing that. Five years is the longest warranty you'll find on a consumer SSD, which matches that of some enterprise class SSDs.

As you know, SSDs don't have any moving parts, a trait that would seem to make them inherently more reliable than mechanical hard drives. Still, some consumers remain spooked about the limited writes NAND flash memory chips can handle, as well as the comparatively short time SSDs have been on the market. A 5 year warranty should help worry warts find a little peace of mind, as well potentially attract customers who might be otherwise compelled to invest in a speedy SandForce driven SSD.

What do you think about Intel's warranty extension? Does a five-year warranty make you more likely to choose an Intel 320 SSD over the competition?

Image Credit: Intel

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