Intel Engineers to Flip a Firmware Fix at SSD 320 Series Owners

Paul Lilly

Hold up a minute playa, before you go tossing that shiny Intel 320 Series SSD on Ebay with a big, bold warning about how it's a bug ridden storage device with an identity crisis, there's a fix! Intel over the weekend announced that new firmware is in the final validation testing phase and will be released within the next two weeks, if you can hang on that long.

"Intel has reproduced, identified root cause, and developed a firmware update which addresses the Bad Context 13x Error being discussed on the Communities site and elsewhere," Intel said in a statement .

That "Bad Context 13x Error" is a bad one indeed, causing some 320 Series SSDs to report a capacity of 8MB under certain circumstances. Owners found the bug a tough pill to swallow, considering they're already paying a premium for SSD storage over a mechanical hard drive. But hey, if you can hold out for two more weeks, this will all be just a bad memory.

Image Credit: Intel

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