Intel Drops CPU Market Share, AMD Catches Up

Paul Lilly

Just as motherboard sales have fallen because of the recession, so too has CPU sales, and it's finally caught up with Intel. According to new data from iSuppli, Intel's four-quarter growth streak has come to an end with the No. 1 chip maker seeing a decline in both sales and market share, much to the delight of AMD.

"After losing share to Intel on a sequential basis during three out of four quarters in 2008, AMD managed to reverse the trend in the first quarter of 2009," said Matthew Wilkins from iSuppli. "AMD increased its allocation of global microprocessor revenue due to strong performances in each area of its microprocessor portfolio, particularly in its notebook products."

Intel's market share fell by two and a half points for Q4 2008 while its shares of the global processor revenue inched backwards from 81.6 percent to 79.1 percent. Nearly all of it went to AMD, whose market share grew by 2.3 points.

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