Intel Discontinuing Old CPUs To Make Room For Ivy Bridge

Brad Chacos

Time to clear the road(map)! It looks like Intel’s doing its spring cleaning a bit early this year in anticipation of Ivy Bridge’s launch. Reports say the company’s winding down production of 27 different CPUs from several product lines and sockets over the first two quarters of 2012 in order to make room for their fancy new chips.

DigiTimes reports that Intel told its partners it plans on knocking off the Pentium E6600, E550, E5700 and G960; the Celeron E3500, 450, 430 and E330; the Core Duo E7500 and E7600; the Core i3-530; the Core i5-661, 660, 670, 680, 2300, 760, 750S and 655K; and the Core i7-960, 950, 930, 870, 875K, 860S, 880S and 870S.

If any of those models still strike your fancy – and why would they, with second gen Sandy Bridge chips available? – be sure to rush out and snatch them up before they disappear for good.

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