Intel Demonstrates First 64-bit Android Tablet

Paul Lilly

Moving to 64-bit could introduce big performance gains in some apps

Intel has a lot of catching up to do in the mobile space. The big dog on campus in mobile is ARM, which powers many of the smartphones and tablets currently available. One thing Intel is looking at to change the tide is 64-bit computing in mobile, which it demonstrated during an investor meeting. The demonstration consisted of an Android tablet with a 64-bit Atom processor inside based on Silvermont.

It's the first Android tablet to run a 64-bit chip, though not the first 64-bit tablet -- that distinction belongs to Apple's iPad Air, which is based on the Cupertino company's custom A7 SoC. According to Intel, simply moving to a 64-bit architecture is enough to improve performance by up to 40 percent in some applications, including Photoshop.

"What we are doing with our product roadmap and SoCs is that we drive to lower costs and profitable stages But that is not enough What we really want to do is to take a lot of the innovation and differentiation we are able to do up on the PC and bring that down into tablets," Intel chief Brian Krzanich said, according to XBitLabs .

Performance alone won't be enough for Intel to dominate mobile. Intel is also looking at making tablets cheaper. In fact, Intel says you'll see tablets with its hardware inside selling for below $100 this holiday season.

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