Intel Confirms Bug in 320 Series SSD

Paul Lilly

Imagine if you saved your hard earned pennies, stopped eating out for awhile, and made certain sacrifices in your latest build all so you could splurge on Intel's 600GB SSD 320 Series. It'd be worth it, right up until the drive goes haywire and insists it's an 8MB drive. Not cool, yet the so-called '8MB bug' has managed to infest Intel's entire line of 320 SSDs. On the bright side, Intel recently acknowledged the flaw, which is a step in the right direction.

"Intel is aware of the customer sightings on Intel SSD 320 Series," an Intel rep posted on the company's support forum. "If you experience any issue with your Intel SSD, please contact your Intel representative or Intel customer support (via Web: or phone: ). We will provide an update when we have more information."

That was on Monday, and with tomorrow being the last day of the work week, Intel has yet to provide an update on what's going on and how it plans to fix the problem. According to reports , the issue lies in the controller and can manifest during a power failure. If you're using an Intel 320 Series SSD, take a moment to back up your data.

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