Intel CEO: We're Going to Win the Tablet War


Intel CEO Paul Otellini wasn't about to mince words when talking about tablets and the job Apple did bringing the category back to life with its iPad. At the same time, Otellini also gave fair warning to all involved that Intel has every intention of dominating the tablet space, just as it has the netbook/nettop segment.

"I know the big question on everyone's mind is how Intel will respond to new computing categories where Intel currently has no presence, specifically tablets... We think tablets are exciting and fully welcome their arrival," Otellini began. "Apple has done a wonderful job reinventing the category. Will they impact PC sales? Sure, at the margin they probably will."

And that's where the praise ended.

"We will use all of the assets at our disposal to win this segment," Otellini declared. And when you're talking about $11 billion quarters , Intel has plenty of assets to throw around. It all starts with Oak Trail, Intel's Atom processor derivative aimed at tablets.

"We have very good silicon with Oak Trail," Otellini said.

Image Credit: Intel

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