Intel CEO: Google TV is Happening This Month

Ryan Whitwam

In an interview today, Intel's Paul Otellini said that the first Google TV devices should show up this month . Otellini did not specify if he was referring to the Logitech Revue or the Sony Bravia TVs, but Logitech is considered to be further along in the development process. Intel has been working closely with Google to bring Google TV to market.

The Intel head also discussed how he feels Google TV will stack up against the Apple TV (which contains no Intel chips). Otellini takes issue with the move to a streaming only device for the Apple TV. He said the Google TV solution will be better because of its unrestricted use of the "full internet". We assume that is a dig at Apple's aversion to Flash.

Still, he thinks both products can find a niche in the market. If Otellini is right, consumers will be able to decide later this month as both products become available. Are you looking at getting either one of these?

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